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Washing Instruction

  • Empty the used nappies, inserts and liners into the washing machine along with the wet bag if using one.  Separate the inserts from the nappies before adding to the washing machine to ensure they get a thorough wash (you may prefer to do this at the storage stage).

  • Set your machine to do a pre-wash or short cycle (minimum 30 minutes) at 30 degrees with half the amount of detergent which you would usually use.

  • Once pre-wash has completed, using the detergent packet to help you, measure a full dose of powdered detergent for your water hardness and load size (NO BLEACH).  Set temperature to 40 degrees and choose an intensive wash cycle (the longer the better).

  • If suds are present at the end of the wash, run an extra rinse and reduce the detergent dose slightly next time.  You are aiming to get at least 3cm of suds during the main wash and none during the rise.

  • You need to ensure that your washing machine is at least three quarters of the way full to ensure the nappies are getting enough agitation during the wash cycle.  If necessary, you can bulk the wash out with towels, bedding or any other items.

  • Nappies should be dried outside on a washing line where possible.  This will be the fastest way of drying the nappies and the UV from the sun will remove any stains from the nappies.  Alternatively hang on a dryer near to a radiator.  Do not put nappies or inserts directly on a radiator and do not tumble dry as this will damage the nappies.

Every washing machine is different which means no two wash routine will be the same.  If you need any further help or support with getting to grips with laundering your cloth nappies, please get in touch with us as we are always happy to help.  Alternatively the UK Nappy Network are an excellent resource and the ladies who run it are very good at helping with any wash routine troubleshooting.

How to Use

  • Pocket nappies – Adjust the rise setting on the nappy to suit your baby.  There are three setting which the nappy can be set to – small, medium or large.  Insert the required inserts into the nappy pocket and make sure that they are lying flat with no bunching up inside the pocket.   The inserts which you require will vary depending on your baby’s weight, age and how heavy a wetter they are.  Please speak to Fleecy Bums for recommendation if you are unsure on what to use. 

  • Nappy wrap – adjust the rise setting as above.  These wraps are designed for use as a two part nappy system; they are really versatile and great for night time use.  They can be used along with fitted nappies, pre-folds/terries or with the inserts included in your kit.

  • Lie the nappy underneath your baby and squeeze the middle of the nappy as you bring it up between baby’s legs – ensuing that the elastics are sat in the knicker line.

  • Pull the side tabs snug against baby’s hip just above the thigh and secure the hip snaps.  There should be no more than a two finger-width gap between baby’s tummy and the top of the nappy. There should be no gaps around baby’s legs and the top of the nappy should sit just above the top of baby’s bottom.

  • If the nappy rise is on the small or medium setting, make sure you tuck any extra fabric upwards as having it pointing down can result in leaks.  When the nappy is fitted correctly you should not be able to see any of the inside of the nappy or the fleece liner – if any excess fabric is showing tuck it into the nappy.

  • If you need any further guidance with fitting there is an instructional video on the Fleecy Bums website under the Help tab.  There are also numerous resources which you can access via internet search.  Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with Fleecy Bums if you need any additional support.

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