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This shaped preflat nappy fits from c6lb - 55lb (6-10lb with nappy nippa, 10-55lb with poppers or nippa)

Single row waist poppers

6 x 3 rise settings

A versatile shaped preflat nappy perfect for quick drying and also holidays where you may not be able to wash as you would at home

Innovative popper design means no need for a nappy nipper yet it can be turned inside out to fasten with a nipper if you choose!

Fully stay dry lined with athletic wicking jersey, which some find cooler for baby than fleece.

2 layers of super soft 260gsm bamboo cotton

Pocket opening to allow you to boost for night time use!

Designed to be paired with our 70cm stretchy flat pad folded in the pocket. This makes the simplicity super absorbent for heavy wetters for night time use whilst also allowing for fast drying, you could use the same nappy every night, although we would recommend 2 or 3.

Reusabelles Simplicity

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