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Fleecy Bums Lucky Dip

£30 to enter which gets you a lucky dip of 6 balls.

Over 100 balls contain a wide range of products including but not limited to






Wetbags (various sizes)

Night Nappies


Change & Go bags


Lucky Dip will be worth between £45 and £90 at rrp. In the event that your dip does not total £45 additional products will be added until the rrp exceeds £45.

If you order more than one lucky dip an additional ball will be awarded for each additional dip. Eg order 2 lucky dips you get 1 bonus ball, 3 lucky dips gets you 2 bonus balls etc.

If you would like your dip filmed please pop a note on your order and we will endeavor to film your order for social media.

Fleecy Bums Lucky Dip

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