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Our next prize draw will take place on live on Facebook on Friday 2nd December.  

Prize: A £25 Zachary's Birthday Mystery Box, containing £50 worth of awesome Bells Bumz nappies and accessories.   For every 30 entried received we will do a prize draw.  If a prize draw is not filled the bundle  will be adjusted to suit the number of entries received.


There are two methods of entry both of which are detailed below.

Entry via the website:
- Price per entry will vary slightly depending on how many entries you purchase.  The reason for this is the transaction fees which we are changed on your transaction.  The pricing takes into account the fees we are charged and the money we actually receive is £1 per entry.  

Prices are stated below:
- One entry £1.22
- Two entries £2.24
- Three entries £3.26
- Four entries £4.28
- Five entries £5.30

If you wish to purchase more than 5 entries please add additional entries to your basket - for example if you wanted 8 entries please purchase 1 x five entries and 1 x three entries from the drop down option.  

Check out is quick and easy using either a credit or debit card or Apple Pay for
those who use it.

Please purchase your entries by clicking the button below.

Entry by Post
- Postal entries are free of charge.
- Please send your full name, and postal address on the back of a postcard to us at Fleecy Bums HQ. Please contact us either using the website chat function or via our Facebook page and we will provide you with the postal address.
- You can enter each draw as many times as you like, however each entry must be sent separately.  (A single item of post containing multiple entries will only be classed as one entry).

The Prize Draw will take place after 6pm each Sunday unless otherwise stated.  If we have enough entries to do multiple prize draws we will do so.  All entries will be entered into all prize draws.  In the event we don't receive the full amount of entries (for either the initial or subsequent draws) the prize will be adjusted to reflect the number of entries received. Winners will be drawn using and the draw will be shown live on our Facebook page.  

Winners will be responsibly for contacting Fleecy Bums to claim their prize.  Winners will be expected to provide proof of competition entry in order to claim their prize.

Prizes which include store credit may only be redeemed against goods.  Store credit cannot be used to cover postage costs.

UK winners will have prizes dispatched to them for free, however any overseas winners will be required to cover the costs of having their prize shipped out to them.

Each Sunday after the prize draw we will announce the draw for the following week on our social media pages.  We will then be open for entries from this time until 6pm the following Sunday - they draw will then take place later that evening.  We will do several reminders throughout the week of the upcoming prize draw. 

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