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Hire Kits

Here at Fleecy Bums we offer Build Your Own Hire Kits and New-born Hire Kits.  Information on both type of hire kit can be found below.  Please get in touch with us for full terms and conditions or to discuss options or availability.

Build Your Own Hire Kit

At Fleecy Bums we understand that many people are struggling with the current cost of living crisis and that the upfront cost of purchasing cloth nappies can be a huge barrier to some people who would otherwise wish to use them.  


This is why we have decided to create a hire kit which, depending on which nappy models you choose for your kit, could cost you the same, or less money, than the monthly cost of purchasing disposable nappies.  

Our Build Your Own Nappy Hire Kit allows you to start your cloth nappy journey with a full set of cloth nappies (no need to purchase any more disposables to supplement), one postage charge and an affordable monthly payment.

Your monthly payment amount will be calculated based on the RRP of your kit.  You will also be required to pay a refundable deposit equal to 25% of the RRP of your kit and the postage cost of shipping your kit out to you.

The hire period for our kits is a minimum term of six months, after which you will be on a monthly rolling contract.  If you choose to rent your kit for a period of 24 month you will get to keep them at the end of the 24 month period. 

How Does It Work?

Choose Your Nappies

Simply head over to our website to choose the nappies you would like to have in your kit.  You can choose upto 20 nappies and you can mix and match between any of the nappy models which we stock here at Fleecy Bums to ensure that your kit will be suitable for you and your little one.  Unfortunately we are unable to accommodate requests for specific prints.  

Complete An Application Form

Drop us a message to let us know that you would like to apply for a Build Your Own Cloth Nappy Kit.   We will provide you with a full breakdown of costs based on your choices and if you wish to continue we will ask you to complete an application form.  Please note you will need to provide a form of photo ID and official documents showing your current address. If your photo ID has your address on it you will only need to provide one official document showing your address, otherwise you will need to provide two.


Fleecy Bums will then process your application form and complete the necessary checks required.  Please allow up to five working days for your application form to be processed.


Set Up Your Monthly Payments

Once your application has been accepted we will send you an invoice for the deposit amount and postage cost.  We will also direct you to our website to set up a recurring payment for your monthly kit hire charge. 

Once your invoice has been paid and your recurring payment set up, your kit will be shipped out to you.  

At the end of the six month initial hire period you can choose whether to continue to hire the kit from us, or alternatively you can return the kit.

It’s as simple as that!

Example of hire cost on a kit worth £200 at RRP:

• £17 hire cost per calendar month 

• £50 refundable deposit 

• £7.80 postage cost (postage cost may vary)

New-born Hire Kits

Our new-born kits provide  everything you need to use cloth nappies on your new-born baby at an affordable price. They also  save you the trouble and associated risks of buying and selling pre-loved.


We offer two different kit options - the basic and the premium - full details of each can be found below.

We would recommend reserving your kit as soon as possible in your pregnancy, as hire kits are limited  and subject to availability. 

Basic Kit - £15pcm: 

The basic kit is our most cost effective option containing budget friendly newborn nappies.  The RRP of this kit to buy new is in excess of £130. The basic kit is suitable for babies from 4lbs upto 12lbs  (weight guidelines are approximate and may vary slightly by body size/shape). We would recommend either a two or three month hire period to ensure that your baby is big enough to move on to Birth to Potty nappies afterwards.  Two months is the minimum hire period for this kit.


The kit includes the following:

• 15 x Alva new-born pocket nappies 

• 15 x Alva microfibre inserts 

• 5 x Terry squares 

• 2 x New-born wraps - various brands 

• 2 x Nappy nippers 

• 20 x Fleecy Bums nappy liners 

• 20 x Reusable wipes - various brands 

• 1 x Large wetbag 

• 1 x Medium wetbag 

Premium Kit - £25pcm: 

The premier kit offers higher quality nappies in a wider range of styles.  The RRP of this kit to buy new is in excess of £200.  The kit is suitable for babies from 4lbs upto 25lbs (again weight guidelines are approximate). We would recommend a hire period of between three months and six months for this kit, with three months being the minimum hire period.


The kit includes the following:

• 4 x Fleecy Bums Newborn wraps

• 6 x Fleecy Bums hemp trifolds

• 4 x Bells Bumz Newborn wraps

• 6 x Bells Bumz Newborn Z soakers

• 6 x Bells Bumz Newborn pocket nappies

• 6 x Bells Bumz Newborn bamboo/hemp inserts 

• 5 x Terry squares

• 2 x Nappy nippers

• 20 x Reusable wipes - various brands

• 1 x Large wetbag 

• 1 x Medium wetbag

Example cost to hire:

• £15/25 hire cost per calendar month 

• £50 refundable deposit.  £20 of this deposit is payable immediately to secure the hire and is non-refundable  in the event that you cancel your nappy hire.  Balance of the deposit and total hire cost due 14 days prior to hire start date.

• £8.40 payment for postage 

Example – A customer wishing to borrow a basic nappy kit from the 1st April for two months. An initial  £20 deposit payable immediately to reserve the kit and secure the booking. The £68.40 balancing  payment (remainder of deposit £30, two months hire at £15pcm, and postage £8.40) would be due 

18th March. The £50 refundable deposit to be returned upon satisfactory return of nappy kit – see  below for full terms and conditions.

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