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Getting Started

Welcome to this Fleecy Bums guide on getting started with cloth nappies. If you are new to cloth nappies we recommend you work your way through the videos below which provide a comprehensive guide to all aspects of cloth nappy use.

First of all we explore the many different reasons why people choose to use cloth nappies.  Whether you are considering cloth nappies to make cost savings, the environmental impact, or health reasons, please watch the video below to learn all of the arguments for why you should make the switch.

Next we look at the basics of cloth nappy use.  This video explains the features of cloth nappies, the sizes they come in, the different styles of nappy which are available and the different materials used in cloth nappies.

So now you have decided to give cloth nappies a try (yay!) you are probably wondering how to get started. In this next video we help you to decide which nappies will work best for you and your family by considering a number of different factors which you need to take into account when choosing your nappies.  We then show you how to work out how many cloth nappies you will need and talk about any other accessories which you may choose to use in order to make your cloth nappy journey that little bit easier.

If after watching this video you require further assistance in deciding which nappy system to choose, please fill out the form at the bottom on this page and we will get back to you with personalised recommendations for you and your little one.

In this next video we show you how to correctly fit a cloth nappy.

In this last video we cover all aspects of caring for your nappies including storage, how to deal with soiling, washing and drying.

If you require any further assistance with your wash routine we recommend you contact the Cloth Nappy Nerds who will be able to provide personalised support and advice. 

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